DTF Process

DTF transfers, alternatively known as film printing, entail a meticulous process with multiple steps aimed at ensuring the faithful replication of your designs on fabric.

Design Preparation

Your artwork or design undergoes digital preparation to guarantee optimal print quality. This phase may involve adjustments to colors and resizing to suit the desired garment or textile.

Film Printing

The prepared design is meticulously transferred onto a specialized film using high-quality ink. This film serves as a conduit for your design during the transfer process.

Fabric Transfer

The printed film is precisely positioned onto the fabric, and heat is applied. This application of heat activates the ink on the film, facilitating its bonding with the fabric fibers.

Peeling and Finishing

Upon completion of the heat transfer process, the film is delicately peeled away, unveiling your vibrant design firmly embedded in the fabric.

Why Choose DTF Transfers

DTF transfers provide numerous benefits for custom printing:
Superior Detail: DTF printing enables the reproduction of intricate and detailed designs, encompassing gradients, fine lines, and small text with precision.
Dynamic Colors: Utilizing high-quality ink, DTF transfers yield vibrant and enduring colors that stand out on fabric, ensuring lasting visual impact.
Long-lasting: DTF prints boast remarkable durability and resistance to fading, maintaining their brilliance even after repeated washes and wear.
Versatility: DTF transfers exhibit versatility, as they can be seamlessly applied to a diverse array of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more, offering flexibility for various printing needs.

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